Friday, September 4, 2009

Summer better than others

This Summer has definitely been unique. Tons of rain and cool weather and many beautiful weekends. Everyone's take on it is different but for me it has been all I could have asked for. We got lots of great days on the beach and got to spend tons of time with the kids and friends. My 4 year olds favorite thing is dinner parties. He loves having people over and entertaining. The shop has been steady too. Summer is never our best time of year for business but it really feels like we're turning the corner and maturing as a business and as owners. We have a long weekend coming and then a week of vacation to chill and enjoy our family and friends. So the question I have for myself is, do I rest on my laurels and polish the things I have or do I continue to bite off a little more than I can chew and live near the edge? Both have their advantages and both are tempting. I'm always more tempted to chase the unknown but in this case it feels right to do a little polishing. Work can be improved and fun. The Shop can be improved and profitable and the family is in a fun state. Kids aren't in School yet and seeing the interaction of the 4 year old with the 2 year old and the baby is more than entertaining and tiring, it's incredible. I still have high hopes of making this the best Summer ever, here I go.