Friday, November 11, 2011


Wow, I haven't blogged in awhile. Today felt like a good day to put some thoughts in the records and check in with myself. Well, things worked out better than they could have. Certainly perfect wouldn't be the word to describe it but I'm not complaining either. After my run in with doubt confusion and self loathing I came around. I've got my mojo back, only this time it's different and maybe better. It's not that nothing can stop me, it's that I'm ready to soar, I'm ready to not regret my life. I'm excited to help my children grow and dream and marry those two things into an amazing life for themselves. I have decisions to make that mean a lot to a lot of people, I think that is the position I have been striving for. Sometimes it's stressful and makes me look in the rearview mirror to make sure I'm on the right path, other times it let's me push people and help them accomplish things they doubted they could. What I need to find is the way not to be the boss when it comes to my wife, she needs something different. I'm working on it and I'm also leaving it alone. She married me for me and she is certainly getting that. Am I a better person now then I was on 6.19.04? I am. I think now it is time to focus, time to decide what the best path is and how to accomplish it in a harmonious way. My peaceful house on a beautiful Autumn day with my girls napping and me reminiscing is a nice way to start. Peace and Love, Happy Veterans Day!